July 21, 2011


A story I have often heard,
I read again today.
But this time I have seen it in
A new and different way.

So read the story, and may you
Be called as I have been.
But I must stop, else I will tell
Before I e'en begin. :)


A peaceful city, it was now
Surrounded by the foe;
Drug to the depths of misery,
Sorrow, and untold woe.

Imprisoned now within their walls
With food becoming short
The people fell to desperate means;
To what could they resort?

But late one night the enemy host
Fell into fear and dread.
The army of the Lord was heard!
Without a thought they fled.

With morning light, four lepers rise
And venture from the gate.
Their hunger drives them to this risk,
No matter what their fate.

As they approach the enemy camp,
A silence rules the air.
And, peering in a tent or two,
Discover no one there.

Within the town, no person knows
The feast that lies without,
Until the lepers, rushing back,
Exclaim to all about.

There is a lesson here, my friend,
Written for you and me.
Just like those men, we've found a feast,
White raiment, gold that's free.

But all around are people starved,
Who want to do the right.
They search for something they know not--
They're looking for the light.

Held captive by a wicked foe,
That peace and joy extorts,
Oft' people fall to desperate means;
To what can they resort?

Without the peace that passes thought,
They seek for joy, and try
At broken cisterns, empty wells
That never satisfy.

They look in wonder at our lives,
And marvel at our peace;
They wonder how to get such joy,
Such free and full release.

My friends, will we withhold such news--
Good tidings such as this?
If we forbear 'til morning light,
Something will come amiss.

So gather up the bread of life,
And spread it far and wide.
From the great honor of this task
Let nothing turn aside.

1 comment:

  1. Rachel, that is an absolutely beautiful poem. Oh that we never forget and neglect the great responsibility that lies in our hands—placed there by the Giver Himself.